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Tire of endless fuck dolls out there on the market? There there there some things you might be interested in, her name is Alice – a alien love from the blue galaxy tens o f light-year far away, she doesn’t have hairs but nice shape feelers back forward – supper cool the fucking fantasy love doll ! Light Blue skin damn shit amazing (she is not a real lady sex doll born here friend), yellow eyes carry the animals’ cold, she landed in the sesert in the earth with her super power Allied Chronosphere from her home planet with a lighting sword.

How the opps a alien has the real skin like human’s, soft but soft offers smooth feeling, TPE material certificated good quailty well oiling control and non bad smell at all, blow job deep real oral sex or vagina fuck even go anus with such doll, I can’t tell how it gona feel, jiggling breasts and buttcoks left only realistic sense of squizing. After her nude photography in the desert she was transited to the forest with Chronosphere, she is new to the earth to discover this interesting planet, oh she is able to change her skin tones as the environment changes to protect herself from being noticed by the beasts , to nature brown red pink green red pink yellow skin colors, as well as being with different dressingup. But she is actually a cute lady though, look at her face you don’t even feel she is aggressive a little bit.

Owning a such doll gives you much of fun to your life, playing game, sex roles play, take her to enjoy your life, you have a solid loyal listener in emotional catharsis, talk to her about how a hell of your day, her warm shoulders are only left for you, never leave you alone whatever you do. Or just let her be your good pillow to have a good sleep.  


Catagories: TPE Dolls, 150-159CM, Big Breasts, Fantasy Dolls.




Shoulder Width




Arm Length



156CM E #A1

Leg Length



Light Blue





Net Weight





Carton Box



Box Size


Oral/Vagina/Anal Depth


Gross Weight



Product Certification


    Doll Video

    Mass Effect Real Love Doll For Sex Big Breasts Sexy TPE Doll Alice 

    Here you go with 2 photos collections of Alice, so you can see how incredible she is whereever she will be,  A  real love doll is not only for sex but also for more of emotional companion, Am I right?
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    • -Is she stocking in your warehouse?
      Yes she is in stocking  in our EU warehouse and US warehouse for fast delivery in 3-5 days.
    • -Can I choose another body for this head?
      That is okay , please feel free to contact our customers support service.
    • -Can she be silicone doll ?
      Sorry she is not available to be a silicone doll for now.