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What Can A Realistic Love Doll Do For You ?

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What Can A Realistic Love Doll Do For You ?


First of all when it comes to a DOLL  (18+)  the inflatable dolls always win, since it did have a long stroy in the “adult sex toys”, they are 100% meant to “SEX”. Then what came after was TPE doll – absolutely a breakthrough – never ever in the doll catagory, it was a doll fully made from a new material “TPE” with human like bone skeleton built in, it was called entity doll here to being indentified from the inflated dolls. The TPE dolls have human like sculpture, soft breasts and realistic vagina which offer high end pleasure in sex game, not to mention it is way better with more of function like heating, auto electric oral sex, auto electronic vagina suction or moaning etc.... and they can do the position like real people with the movable bone skeleton. Soonly silicone dolls – a doll which is more of realism than the TPE dolls walked its way.  

By then the sey toys factory or adult products manufacturers here prefer the term SEX DOLL to a TPE doll or a Silicone doll, Yup here is my opponion, I love to call them Love Doll instead of sex dolls , fuck doll, sexual dolls... Even thought most of parts of them are for sex, but they can also be your non second choice mutal partner or companion except your pets. I guess some of the dolls fans felt the same way especially in their eyes – the guys owning more than just one doll. I didnt plan to start a fight, becasue I did see A Love Doll can do a lot for me.

The strory was presented by one of our best resellers – AllYourDolls with our alien fantady doll , we are authorized to release it under the approve of Ken who is CEO of AllYourDoll.  





Alien Doll Principle 1 : The moon represents my heart!  



Alien Doll Principle 2 : NEVER  let you have afternoon tea ALONE!



Alien Doll Principle 3 :Collapse into your arms once I touched the bed.



Alien Doll Principle 4 :Occasionally pretending to stop breathing makes you nervous for a moment. 😅



Alien Doll Principle 5 : When playing chess,  try to keep the game evenly matched. 🤝



                                        But playing cards will never let you win. 😄.



Alien Doll Principle 6 : Eating with knife and fork myself. 🍴



Alien Doll Principle 7 : Pointing out errors in a book. 📖



Alien Doll Principle 8 : Love Hand Cream Applied By Your Hand.



Alien Doll Principle 9 :Use magic to enlarge some objects!



Alien Doll Principle 10 :Share everything with you, from astronomy to geography!