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Company Origin

"Dolls Castle" is a company that aims to be the world's best manufacturer of lifelike adult dolls.

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When we were first established in 2016, we lacked experience and technical support in all aspects of doll production. Many links relied on other suppliers. The production capacity and speed could not meet customer requirements, we only have a few dolls with little very diversity in the head options, not to mention a independent design and R&D supporting team.But with over 7 years of sedimentation and development, Dolls Castle not only has an independent domestic&international team of design and developmentto provide one-stop efficient OEM and ODM services, but also has a professional production team of over 50 employee capable of giving guaranty to the lead time of the orders meeting various production needs based on strict quality control. Additionally, to meet the demands of potential customers worldwide and provide dropshipping services for distributors and agents, we have set up warehouses in the United States and Europe, allowing us to deliver our beautiful products to customers more quickly.

OUR Development

Over the years, our rich and diverse range of TPE dolls and silicone dolls have gained the liking and praise of customers worldwide. Our unique silicone hand-painted mini toys are also highly regarded. We hope that Dolls Castle can turn creativity into reality and make the impossible possible. We think the dolls produced by Dolls Castle can not only be used as sex dolls, but also become a companion for you. In the real world, many sexual contents and desires cannot be discussed, but in the world of dolls, we hope Dolls Castle It is a space where everyone can do whatever they want, and all their wild and bold ideas can happen here. 


OUR Exhibition

Exhibition Overview

Dolls Castle had a great reputation and performance in 2023 Shanghai API EXPO with our unique sex love dolls which made us standing out from other manufacturers.

Our future

Zhongshan Castle Technology Co., Ltd.

On the other hand, as the industry continues to improve and technology continues to upgrade, people now have more needs for dolls. They can talk freely like ChatGPT, have emotions and facial expressions, and go up and down stairs like a robot. , do various housework, etc. We are also working hard to move in this direction step by step, This is because we invest over a million dollars each year in research and testing, updating and upgrading materials, researching the feasibility of complex processes, and exploring artificial intelligence dolls, and more.

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