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DollsCastle In 2024 Shanghai International Adult Products Industry Exhibition

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DollsCastle In 2024 Shanghai International Adult Products Industry Exhibition


Here are some of pictures from the living scene.



There are only a few doll manufacturers participating in the exhibition this year compared to last year. The participating manufacturers include dollscastle , Jinsan (Wmdoll), Jy doll, Realing doll, and Elsababe dolls. Each of them brought beautiful dolls and also attracted much of attention of many doll fans and young people.

Then I would like to introduce the love dolls exhibited by dolls castle. As always, we bring some eye-catching and surprising dolls. From left to right, first one is full silicone BBW dolls 153CM fantasy gril doll with our latest silicone head alien face, she has an interesting tail built in. The tail is detachable and movable, and the color can be customized. The one in the middle is a entirely TPE doll with 6 breasts. This doll earned a branch of surprises from the audience. It is also the first 162CM full TPE doll with 6 breasts in the sex dolls world, which is quite amazing. The ones on the right are about furry animal dolls, a 92CM full silicone doll with an integrated head and body, 4 small paws, a playful tail, 6 small nipples, and a cute cat face, which is very popular among women. Although the number of dolls we exhibited this time was not that large as ever, by the way all the dolls we exhibited were sold out on-site.



In addition to the large number of spectators at the scene, many partners of castle dolls also traveled a long way to meet with us over there.


What a!!!  there is also an Internet celebrity with huge breasts who came to support us.




Finally, attached with a video that all your dolls shot specially for us. We will meet another soon, Thank you very much.