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Team of All Your Dolls came to visit our sex dolls factory

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Team of All Your Dolls came to visit our sex dolls factory


Last week, our partner Allyourdolls came to our factory for a tour and visit. All your dolls is a young team that we met in 2023. Their company is located in Shanghai, which is the largest city in China. This time, their team specially arranged this trip and came to Zhongshan city to visit several sex dolls factories Wmdoll Jinsan doll irotech axb doll etc...and dolls castle – which is a new brand SexDolls supplier was one of their stops.


Our manager allum met Ken in the factory, the person in charge of All Your Dolls. First of all, we introduced about the doll production process, starting from settling down the skeleton into the doll mold, and then went to the production workshop to review TPE Silicone dolls pouring. After the doll is formed and cooled down, the edges from the pouring & molding will be repaired, because there will be some flaws coming and required repairing. After the imperfections are taken care of, the doll is to be clean. At this point, the doll is of 50% finished. The next step is to apply the makeup on the doll according to the details of the order, and take photos and videos of the doll before shipment for customer confirmation. The last step is to pack and ship the doll. The doll will be wrapped in foam and placed in a carton box package. We will ensure that the doll will not be damaged in the carton and ensure that the doll is delivered to the customer without any defects. Of course, there is no description of the package on the outside of the box, protecting the privacy of our dear customers.


Finally, we discussed some possibilities about the future of dolls. Like... we discussed whether it is possible to apply AI to sex dolls and whether we can put some emotional value on them. Because we feel that dolls should have more intelligent aspects not only the doll for sex or fuck, AI dialogue is a very nice start which we are working on. We also discussed the possibility of more doll categories and exchanged some opinions on how to better let customers understand the brand's dolls here and find the dolls they want faster.

At the same time, I am very grateful all your dolls team came a logn way to meet us, which has deepened our cooperative relationship with each other and has given us more ideas for improving our services.