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New option – Blinking eyes in a sex love doll face ?

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New option – Blinking eyes in a sex love doll face ?


We're working on something new again! New fun to the whole sex dolls manufature! The doll's head blinks! Compared with the traditional doll face where the eyelids can not be movable, the blinking function is another very practical option in a real sexy sex love doll.

After several trials, we finally had an initial model came out. Please attection to the video here. On the basis of the structural frame of the head skeleton, we made some modifications to the orbital skeleton of the inner head, added an up and down movable skeleton, and debugged various of endurance tests. Right till the moment, the blinking performance is working out stable under non-violent factors, tot easily broken off.

But got to say up now, the blinking function is applied for silicone heads, and we are still trying to figure it out with TPE heads. The difference in properties between the two raw materials makes the blinking function on silicone dolls faces more widely applicable than on TPE’s dolls. As of TPE is soft, it has no effect on the eyelid skeleton. And all silicone dolls face of our brand can have blinking function on. Such practical functions make our beauty dolls more human like and can pose more emotional expressions. Your lover dolls can also close their eyes and have a good sleep at night being with you. Isn’t it interesting lol?

Oh there the closure is adjustable, not to be tntirely close or open, that the imprtant point from what we were planning to achieve in the first place, a real sex love silicone doll face with blinking eyes will be coming soon in the way near future as we are taking the photography. Just it is in the air on TPE doll, we will publish once it is done.

Kindly waiting for its coming, feel free to contact our factory if you have any qestions, we are open to it.